Customization Hardware and Software Development Services

Lyrid provides solutions according to the company’s needs through customized service requests related to software and hardware development. We are ready to help you solve business problems with technology and are ready to achieve your business goals.

We make efficient software, useful hardware and powerful marketing.

App Development

Create software based on needs that can facilitate work so that operations become faster, more efficient and structured.

System and Data Integration

Make data more useful at every level including platforms, models and applications that integrate with the logic of any data source, system or business service.

Website Development

Make your business known to the world with useful websites, ranging from company profile websites, application websites to e-commerce.

IoT (Internet Of Things)

Connect connectivity between devices and make business smart and efficient.

Intellegent Automation

Provides intelligent automation needs covering end-to-end processes involving applications, people, data and systems.

Network Infrastructure

Make all businesses connected in a fast, secure and efficient network.

Custom Business Solutions

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Smart Attendance System

Lyrid’s Smart Attendance System allows you to easily check your employee’s attendance with detailed information and High Definition pictures by fingerprint, face recognition, smart phone or RFID access card. Know who comes in and out of your office with Lyrid’s Attendance System.

Lyrid's Apps and Website Development

Application and Websites development can be used for countless things and are very versatile. We can create and design most websites such as E-Commerce, business website, to website-based software. Contact us and let us know of your needs and we will try our best to make the best website and apps that fits you or your business best.


Let's talk about your business needs.