Why Smart Estate Management by Lyrid?

Smart Estate Management by Lyrid makes communication easier and more comfortable between residents and estate management and makes it more efficient. It is very suitable to be used in a pandemic like this.

Smart Estate Management (SEM) by Lyrid provides convenience and comfort for residents and housing managers alike. Residents will be able to access all the needs of a resident such as Emergency calls, checking and paying IPL bills, purchase supplies from the tenant marketplace, reporting complaints, right from our mobile application. Housing managers will be able to easily manage their residents and their housing complex through our backend system, anytime and anywhere. Leave the issues with us and live in ease with Lyrid’s Smart Estate Management.

Smart Estate Management is a software designed to bridge communication between estate management and residents.

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Home View

On the home screen, residents can view updated news, events and informations from the estate menagement in the news & events feature. Several other features includes Facilities, QR Code, Residence Care, and Contact us.

Residence Care

Residents can submit suggestions and complaints to the estate management through the residence care feature. Here, residents can also include pictures of what is being complained.

QR Code

QR Code can be used as a substitute for access cards for use of elevators or when entering public facilities such as the Club House. This feature is perfect during this pandemic because it greatly reduces physical contact.

Guest Visitation System

Residents are able to invite guest by filling a form for each guest with their KTP, name, and phone number. Which will provide a QR code for the guest to show to the security without having to leave their KTP, to reduce physical contact.

Car & Driver Rental (Inner or Outer City)

Car rental services for residents including drivers can be used be used by residents to traveling in both inside and outside the housing complex.


A feature that provides cleaning services by the estate management.

Website Features

Cashflow Reporting
Cashflow Reporting

The estate management can easily view real-time financial reports on the Cashflow Reporting feature. This financial reports on this feature can be used to analyze the income and expenditure for each period.

IPL Billing Report
IPL Billing Report

With this feature, the estate management can easily find out information on residents who have or have not made IPL billing payments.

Utilities and Usage Record
Utilities and Usage Record

The estate management can analyze the expenses made by the estate management and its employees which is presented in a form of a chart for each period.

Mobile Features

IPL Billing
IPL Billing

Residents can easily view their paid and unpaid IPL billing information on this feature and it also contains detailed information such as the due date of each payment.

Emergency Panic Button
Emergency Panic Button

The emergency panic button feature allows residents to call for security and help right from the app for any emergency situations.

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Add Ons

Surveillance & Security System

Surveillance and Security is the utmost important for your home or your office. Unwanted guests present themselves unexpectedly and protecting the people around you is the number 1 priority. With Lyrid's Surveillance & Security System for real estate management, you will be the first to know of any unexpected situations. Be prepared for any occasion with Lyrid's Surveillance & Security System.

Autogate System

Knowing who comes in and out of your property is the first rule in protecting the people around you. Lyrid's Auto-Gate System creates a detailed database for all guests who comes in and out with High-Definition pictures/videos. In addition, our long-range RFID reduces any social or physical contact to access your property because it can be used without opening the vehicle's window. Protect your and your people with Lyrid's Auto-Gate System.